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Exclusive Interview with the lead Photographer at Infinite Photography Studios.

Interviewer: Good afternoon, Mr Tolu Akande.

Response: Good afternoon to you too.

Interviewer: Could you please tell us more about yourself apart from being the Lead Photographer at Infinite Photography Studio?

Response: Well, my names are Akande Tolulope. 

I hail from and based in Oyo State. I had my secondary education partly in Lagos and finished from Oritamefa Baptist Model School in Ibadan.

I graduated from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University and graduated with a B.Sc in Psychology. I am currently into Photography.

Interviewer: So what happened from being a graduate of psychology to being a photographer.

Response: Well, it wasn't so hard a change as psychology is a field that can be useful in any sphere of life one's life and we should also understand that education is just a foundation where you can build on. 

However photography to me started in my undergraduate days at Obafemi Awolowo University. I decided to start taking instant passport photograph for first year students(fresher) at the beginning of each new session and that was how my adventure into photography started.

So, after i graduated i decided to enroll for photography classes at a reputable photography firm in Ibadan and that was how i started on a professional level.

Interviewer: So, are you saying your services as an undergraduate wasn't professional.

Response: Well, i wont say it was professional. I went into photography with no training. What propelled me was just passion for photography. 

So when I started making instant passport, it was more like a trial and error thing but in no time i got to understand how to make things work.

Interviewer: So, once the freshers are settled in, do you still take passports?

Response: No, the sales drop drastically once they are settled in, so its just few friends that knows i take passport that comes around during the course of the session. 

 But then I teamed up with a friend of mine and we decided to start something we conceptualized as the 'Mobile Studio'. The idea was to make available our photography services available to students wherever they are. This didn't work out. 

We would paste flyers all around the campus at midnight but before dawn, they would have been torn or another poster pasted on them. So we weren't able to reach enough people.

We also tried to get a space on campus where we can set up a photography studio but we couldn't secure a space and we didn't even have the finance to back up the plan in the first place.

But then the dream never got discarded.

Interviewer: Its such a long way coming, so specifically how long have you been in photography?

Response: Professionally, its about 3 years plus but unprofessionally, i ventured into photography in 2009, that was my 200 level in my undergraduate days.

Interviewer: So how has the journey been?

Response: The journey has been one mixed with both the good and the bad, Nothing good comes easily. 

There were times i feel like giving up but then i couldn't let myself down and stop at not succeeding. As with most Services oriented businesses, when you first start, your potential clients are skeptical of your services and they prefer to first give you some little sometimes demeaning jobs for a start but do them well and confound there distrust.

While we are not yet where we hope to be, we definitely are moving in the right direction of where we want to be.

Interviewer: Its being really nice talking with you Mr Tolu Akande.

Response: Thank you so much moderator.

Interviewer: So what do you have to say to people who will have the opportunity of listening to your interview or reading your interview?

Response: I would simply say that they should work hard on being a better version of themselves each day. Pursue your dreams, make your life count and don't ever give up on yourselves even when others do.

Infinite Photography Studios welcomes you to the official blog!

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  1. Wow! This is beautifully designed. We are on the same page, Photography.

    I blog at Simeonlad Digital Studios. I hope we can work together someday.

    Welcome on board!

    1. Hi Dimeji,

      Thanks for coming around, we love to know you more.


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