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Infinite Photography Classes

The photography classes is powered by Infinite Photography Studio. The course/classes are designed to give an indepth understanding of photography and make you a professional photographer who is versatile and able to work in the different settings and aspect of photography that we have.

The course/classes are going to be facilitated by professionals who have acquired knowledge and experience over the years.

All equipment ( Camera, Lenses, tripod etc) that will be used during the course of the training will be provided by infinite photography studio. The only thing needed to start is an open and willing mind that is willing to learn.

For students who have their camera and other useful gadget, they can bring them along during the course of the training.

We do hope that you put in your best into achieving the purpose for which you are here.
While we understand that the time table fixed for the classes may not be convenient for everyone, we are willing to draft a pattern that works for you if you are so determined to learn the art of photography.

The infinite crew welcomes you and we sincerely hope you have fun alongside as you learn the art of photography.

Infinite Photography Studio 

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Photography
    • Basic terminologies in photography
    • Different types of photography
    • Rules of photography
  2. Camera Handling/Care
    • How to handle camera
    • Understanding camera terminologies and buttons
    • Understanding camera settings, symbols and settings
    • How to take care of your camera
    • Introduction to photography equipments and gadgets and there functions
  3. Camera Handling and Shooting
    • Camera handling in the portrait and landscape mode
    • Hand placememnt/Composture
    • Shooting in different settings
  4. Manual Photography
    • Shooting in manual mode
    • Understanding and applying the following concepts in manual Photography
    • [International Standard Organisation(ISO), Aperture, Shutter Speed, Exposure, White Balance, Rule of thirds, Manual Focus, Manual depth of field, Silhouette, Angular Photography and viewing]
  5. Fashion/Model Photography
    • Introduction to Fashion Photography
    • Basics of Fashion Photography
    • Creative directing of Models.
    • Outdoor and Indoor Photoshoot
    • Styling (Choosing outfits that best suits your model and the purpose for the shoot).
    • Creating the illusion of heights in Models.
    • Color Separation.
    • Rule of Thirds.
  6. Make Up Photography
  7. Documentary/ Street photography
  8. Editing, Retouching and Photo manupulations.
    • Introduction to editing softwares
    • Editing in photoshop
    • Editing in Adobe Lightroom
  9. Studio Setup and lighting
  10. Posture, composture and Directing.
    • The rules of posing
  11. Doing business in photography
  12. The personality of a successful photographer.
Project (Prerequisite for awarding certificate).

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